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This branding learning experience features 7 points of difference for you and your business. It has been developed to deliver you a comprehensive and unparalleled BRAND direction that will have you asking, "Why didn't I do it earlier?" 

Whether you're an established business in need of a new look and feel, you know your branding isn't getting the results you want... or you're just getting started in business and want to it the right way—you're in the right place.

Dr Phil is a HUGE Brand, Find Out What He
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First, Things First...

What is a BRAND?

Your brand is the heart of your business and it keeps people wanting to know more about you and do business with you. Even if you have the best product or service in the world, if you don't 'know your brand' inside and out, you will stay unknown and not make the money you know you could be making. Your branding will differeniate you in the marketplace and set you apart from your competition. Get it wrong and your competition wins

What is the Difference Between 'A Brand' and
'The Branding'?

Your BRAND (Who are you and what value you offer the world), awareness is an asset that has a distinctive personality that represents you and the business. Your brand is a feeling and an emotional reaction, an experience for the customer. Brand authenticity is judged by the heart, the gut and the mind, it is your customer’s/clients overall experience of your product or service. It needs to provide a holistic approach of the ‘whole brain balance’ where creativity and planning ensures brand sustainability and value. 

Your BRANDING (How the world sees who you are and what you do), needs to represent your brand personality and philosophy across all touchpoints, the visual, auditory and verbal expression of your brand. These touchpoints build brand equity and support sales success and reinforce your message and identity.  

What is the Biggest Challenge to Getting the Phone to Ring? 

Most people, and you could be one them, don't know where to start or what to do... what is the first step to getting your product or service seen my the world. Most people think that their logo, business card and website 'is the brand' and even though it is one piece of your marketing package... IT IS NOT WHERE YOU START! 

Everyone, including myself, had to start somewhere and this is what we are doing for you, getting you started the right way. You will have the opportunity to to hear from us about what we do, and how we continue to build our brand, but also hear from our coach about his experiences with branding. (and he has 70 businesses)! It's not just how we brand, you will be introduced to ideas on how you can brand yourself and your own business as well. Knowing your brand and getting your branding right is what you need to help you close more deals, get more clients, expand into new markets, and have more success.

AND... Here's the BIG Quesion:
What Do You Want People Saying When You Leave the Room?

AND... Do You Know What Are People Saying Now? 

Grab a notebook and pen and answer the questions below honestly.

Does my brand immediately convey
my differentiation?

How deep and how broad
is my brand awareness?

Is my difference thrivable in the current market climate? 

Does my brand Inspire immediate recall and

Are all touchpoints,
compelling and authentic?

Do I know my problems and gaps that could stop my business growth?

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