The Building of 2 Great Assets YOU and Your BUSINESS!  

Make More Money... THEN PAY! 

BUSINESS is about making money, giving back and having fun and if you are not doing all three things then you have GAPS that need filling. A PERFORMANCE Plan will identify these gaps to reduce your risks of losing money and increase your chances of making more money

PROFITS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN GROWTH... Coaching is the ONLY thing that will help you see the light and make you more successful!

NOW is the RIGHT Time to Set Projections for the New Financial Year! Press the reset button perform better and make more money, now! 


  • A renewed passion for your business
  • A reviewed business plan to increase PROFITS 
  • A revitalised sales strategy to generate more LEADS 
  • A SOLUTION to the source of every problem
  • Accountability to GET goals every time
  • And, a business that has sustainability, predictability, and consistency
  • Get WEALTHY  



This exceptional opportunity is only open for 10 businesses. Conditions apply and you need to qualify. You can pay 10's of 1,000's of dollars to work with a professional coach, we stand by what we do and for a select few we will be your coaches and you only pay when you get results! 


Once you have expressed interest you will receive a 'BUSINESS CHECKLIST'. Complete the checklist and we will be in contact within 24 hours. 

We Solve Business Problems! We Solve Self-esteem Issues! 

Together We Conquer


Q). I am stuck because I know I could be making more money but I am confused at what the real problem is. How would coaching help ME? 

A). Coaching would help you expand your thinking and make you more aware of your situation. Get the opportunity to; ... see things more clearly [you know what you know] ... examine options [fill your GAPS] ... make better choices [new information has power] ... solve problems quickly [more brains are better than one] ... be kept accountable for getting goals [A SUPERPOWER)  

Q). Why do I need to work with a Coach? 

A). Coaching is a venue for you to discover you, and your success grows as fast as you do. All successful people work with a Coach because it doesn't matter how much you know you will ALWAYS get better results when you work with a Coach that empowers you, inspires you, brain storms with you, and pushes you through the 1% overload principle. A Coach is the difference that makes the difference to you getting better results (or not). Your Coach opens your mind to your hopes and renews your vision, values and plan... keeps your focus on where you are going (and not what isn't working) and keeps you accountable for taking the right action.  

Q). How much does working with a Coach cost? 

A) You can pay $1,000.00's to work an experienced coach before you get any results... but that's what's exceptional about this opportunity. We coach you and other than a small administration fee you do not pay one cent till you are making MORE money. NO RESULTS, NO COACHING FEE PAID! 

Q). How much time will it take? 

A). We will work within your schedule and what you can cope with mentally and physically. Success means change but working with a coach guides you through the change and makes it fun and exciting. Our plan is make your business/company more efficient and sustainable which will give you more time. 

Q). I have worked with a Coach and didn't get results. What makes you different? 

A). We look at YOU and your BUSINESS. We are passionate about what we do and as focussed on your success as we are our own. We stand by what we do and that is why we have launched this opportunity. We WANT you to make more money and live a better life and if you don't do that, then neither do we. 


COACH CAROLINE Caroline holds a Bachelor of Management Studies majoring in Finance & Accounting, a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Senior Years) specialising in Business Management and Accounting. She is a Chartered Secretary, FCIS. A Certified Corporate Coach and a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. Caoline has had 26 years experience in businsss.

COACH SUSAN Susan is an International Speaker, Best Selling Published Author and Executive Performance Coach. She has studied brain training, business, sales and marketing with the best in the world and truly understands the entrepreneurial journey. Susan has numerous certifications and Adv diplomas and 26 yrs coaching experience.  

Together We Conquer

Caroline receiving an award from the small business association in India

Susan with Steve Woznial - co-founder of Apple Computers and inventor of the universal remote

Susan with Jessica Simpson - musician and owner of a multimillion dollar fashion empire